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Waterlogged provides Storm Water Pollution Prevention Documentation for Construction Sites. QSDs and QSPs provide required State of California documentation. SWPPPs, Inspection Reports, Sample Collection and Testing, Annual Report Completion, Notice of Violation responses and general consultation in plan preparation and BMP installation.

Our Mission

At Waterlogged our Mission is to protect our clients from Regulatory Violation through honest and thorough reporting and documentation.  We seek to aid in creation and maintenance of a realistic storm water pollution prevention plan for your project and a program for use at all of your sites.  Waterlogged provides continual education on Regulations and Best Management Practices in combination with easy to use tools in hopes of contributing to your pollution prevention knowledge and practices.

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As a Waterlogged customer you can schedule your inspections with Waterlogged and use the online database as part of the service at no additional cost.

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Tailgate Trainings

Training, according to the Construction General Permit (CGP) 2009-009 DWQ, is supposed to be ongoing, formal and informal.  Waterlogged can help you bone up on your storm water education and maintain compliance through our weekly Tailgate Trainings.

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